Our family named the Chalet after our ancestor Emma Booker. Daniel and Emma Booker migrated from Grinnell, Iowa to Fox Island, Washington in 1889. They also helped build the Fox Island Chapel in 1900.

"I read one day of a valley in the west, where the climate was so salubrious, the sun so beautifully shaded by a slight misty vapor, the air so clear and fresh, the waster so pure, fish and bivalve so abundant as nerve-producing food, that the people of the valley never were sick or tired, their skin never tanned, their faces never grew old-looking, but were more beautifully developed and fairer each year. What a restful spot that would be, thought a weary teacher, what a garden of Eden in this working world,"
-- Mrs Emma Pinkerton Booker, of Grinnell, Iowa speaking about Fox Island, Washington

Saturday, January 5, 2008


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